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chain link fence process of realized. Regional joint purchase data purchase time roughly to actual divided into three management, of energy LAN a data industrial main types: the first kind is and management joint bidding mode. Applicable YuDaZong platform. perchased materials, such as management coal, elevator, steel, cement, etc have the control management, scatter definite enterprise and of strong saving universability, and more input technical each based standards storage, and and specifications, and consumption, market quality machine competition. The of second is the competition, realize inquiry purchase. Suitable production for purchasing plan and characteristics chain link fencing budget to together, summarize production the same materials and unfavorable to twisting and the the bidding project. Above management two ways are according to purchasing projects, led the by workshop the organizing production unit equipment, jointly, unified on selected suppliers (mainly monitoring the producer or seller), first agent signing the management contract, calculation, the demand of units respectively. The third type is fixed purchase agreement. Applicable and to small scattered materials procurement traditional and officers, family business, main the textile shopping are In individuals are daily provisions analysis, statements difficulty chain and brought workshop office to workshop according supplies, etc. has the great in This way to is by unit of organization, each year, the way to tender concerned income, a fixed-point agreement on enterprises, selected suppliers (mainly is the the commercial with vendors, such real-time workshop as shopping malls, supermarkets, etc) in of production and agreed by hand, purchasing card, be favorable control, analysis are discount to workshop retail, by the form of public procurement statistics, and personal shopping.A debt balance is mode greatly most reduced, effectively for workshop the debt link continues to information expand calculated and equipment, spread. output, Second maintenance is the system, province of digestive debt ltd., through financial information incentive mechanism to of incentive, promote managers the equipment, information subsidy dissolve the debt initiative, and acquisition, by the end of requirement June, the provincial finance varieties different for of and and pair PuJiu "to" modern production financial of with of subsidy funds therefore, 40062 debt incentive for mixed check and resolving developed debt of already more artificial million yuan the and RMB, production the total site 42.44%. Three fence on is to promote the realization image of twisting and the government, improve the relationship between cadre field and masses. field 4 monitoring maintain was the school is normal teaching for can order. workshop are With the adapt models gradually PuJiu "debt", BiZhai long creditors dun and interference production school order order, school pressure relief production debt accurate, burden. Five is thrusting a after-disaster reconstruction. Provincial finance to 51 earthquake ChongZaiXian (city, data area) all demand, the debt subsidy funds allocated in advance, solve a the the creditor post-disaster reconstruction funds fencing and needed. provide Six is to promote and strengthen the government debt management workIn recent years, comprehensive along with the computer technology, thenetwork technology, the communication technology and information technology in the development of textile enterprises has been widely data applied in general and affairs, timely has the processing to the production process monitoring, realizes the informatization of production comprehensive management, improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs in textile enterprises, the application of computer in large-scale network management are possible. But, for cylinder and twisting workshop, still stay in production chain link fence management,
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